Dophin Plastic Tank TT- 350


Dophin Plastic Tank TT- 350

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  • Unique & stylish design.

  • Suitable for all kind of small animals.

  • Available in 3 sizes.

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A happy island for your tortoises,with this turtle land your very little friends can very feel to be reception.Included are all the essential things for 2 tortoises trouble for swimming, associate antislip ramp, with coconut trees to recreat their natural setting and even atiny low swimming-pool for his or her enjoyment.


  • Standard with an access ramp leading to an elevated lounging/ feeding area and a decorative coconut tree

  • Easy to clean

  • Style: kidney

  • Durable, strong plastic in kidney shape

  • Access ramp to an elevated island

  • Comes with it’s own coconut tree

  • Perfect for turtles, newts, crabs, crayfish, hermit crabs and fish