Deli Nature

(1 kg)


Deli Nature

(1 kg)

 345.00  340.00


  • Grote parkieten

  • Grandes perruches

  • Large paraeets

  • GroBsittiche

  • Grandes periquitos

  • 100% NATURE

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Deli Nature mixture is complete and balanced food that meets the nutritional demands of your large parakeet.
Deli Nature mixture is a blend of carefully selected premium ingredients!


  • Provide a fresh portion of Deli Nature mixture are drinking water daily

  • Provide a Deli Nature snack or Deli Nature egg food as titbit 2 to 3 time a week

Thanks to Deli Nature your large parakeet will be in perfect conditions!

Complete food for birds

Composition; seeds, cereals


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Deli Nature

(1 kg)”

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